Company history

  • 2017 - cold commissioning of the new manufacturing facility
  • 2016 – commencement of construction of a new manufacturing facility
  • 2015 – The company was certified in accordance with CSN EN ISO 3834-2:2006 - quality management of welding processes - and in accordance with CSN EN 15085-2:2008, CL4 for the manufacturer´s qualifications for welding of railway vehicles and components
  • 2014 – certification authorising us to carry out inspections and testing of pressure equipment
  • 2013 - company connected to alternative energy sources, furthering welders´ qualifications
  • 2012 - certification of the company in accordance with ISO 9001:2008; Individual welding sites set up
  • 2011 - overall re-design of the company
  • 2011 - membership in the Czech Association of Public Transport Operators
  • 2011 - commisioning of a test line and laboratory for the testing of bulk materials financed by EU funds
  • 2010 - membership in the Association of Foundries of the Czech Republic
  • 2010 - completion of the testing facility financed by EU funds; Construction of apartments for employees completed
  • 2008 - membership in the Czech Association for Bulk Materials (ČSpSH)
  • 2007 - furthering the qualifications of service technicians in the area of pneumatic conveying under a project co-financed by the European Social Fund and MPO ČR
  • 2006- furthering the qualifications of service technicians in the area of robotic palletisation and pneumatic conveying under the “GS PROFESE” operational programme concerning development of human resources
  • 2006 – finalist in the “COMPANY OF THE YEAR 2006” competition in the Pardubice region
  • 2005 - completion of a showroom for palletisation of bagged goods using FUJI-ACE robots; commissioning of the corporate information system
  • 2004 - creation of a test centre for pneumatic conveying
  • 2003 - completion of the construction of new business premises, award of the ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate.
  • 1997 - transformation to the company Sklenář s.r.o., limited liability company
  • 1993 - establishment of the company Sklenář

  • We, the MBM, are very much interested in working together with you and we appreciate your work so far.


    Stefan Tober MBM Industry & Rail Tech GmbH, Austria
  • „The company Sklenář, s. r. o., reconstructed the pneumatic conveying system for glass-making materials for a batch house. The implementation was carried out within the agreed deadline. The delivered equipment has increased operational reliability of the material conveying system and enhanced operator comfort.“

    Miroslav Šebik Vetropack Nemšová, s. r. o., Slovakia
  • „The delivery of their palletising robot lived up to our expectations. We consider the company Sklenář, s. r. o. to be one of our best suppliers with an exemplary approach to providing solutions to our problems.“

    František Peringer, Gypstrend, s.r.o.
  • „Sklenář, s. r. o., was a great choice. Although we have very specific requirements, we have always been satisfied with the results“

    Ing. Dalibor Krejsa, JSP International, s.r.o.
  • „We have been co-operating with the company Sklenář, s. r. o. for 13 years. We especially appreciate its flexibility and proficiency, we are 100% satisfied.“

    Rostislav Vrbácký, PEGAS NONWOVENS, s. r. o.
  • „Great job, as always.“

    Michael Smilansky FUJI ROBOTICS, USA
  • „We have been cooperating with Sklenar, s. r. o.,
    for more than 10 years, appreciating prompt service, professional handling, high quality and performance.“

    Rainer Nothhelfer SGH Schüttguthandling, Germany

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